PET Injection Moulding Machines

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PET Injection Moulding Machines
PET Injection Moulding Machines

Brief Introduction
Mega has involved with the PET Prefrom molding system since late 80th, According to the experience of the building the preform tools, The PET series Injection molding machine has been designed according to the property of MEGA's own preform moulds. Mega provides the different options for our PET machine, such as the additional pressure holding system, the 25:1 PET screw with extended frame base, double pumps system for better plasticizing effect, two stage injection systems for faster cycle time and post cooling system for the preforms.
The Models of The PET Injection Molding Machines
MG-168PET             MG-228PET            MG-268PET            MG-328PET            MG-398PET
* PLC Controller
The MG series use the latest control technology. This high-performance control system provides the ideal communication between the injection molding machine and the operator. The uniform operating concept and logical, clear structure of the functions make machine operation easy and user-oriented.

* PET Injection Unit
Optimized special L/D 25:1 screw, requiring a longer machine base, is driven by a high output motor for dramatically improving the plasticizing of the PET material to ensure the quality of the PET pre-form. Increased ejector force consistently ensures the finished parts are automatically ejected.

* Clamping System
The optuimized kinematics of the proved 5-point toggle represent economical speed and power processes. This allows high sensitivity in the opening and closing processes and protects injection moulds from excessive wear and tear. The fast mold closing device is optimized to shorten the cycle time.

* Automatic Mould Height Adjustment Unit
Automatic Mould-height adjustment by hydraulic motor through the gears system ensures fast and constant settings to different mold height, achieve platen parallelism and consistent tonnage. The photocell detects function to insure the high precision.

* Hydraulic System
The energy-saving hydraulics are fitted with sound reduced and are made of high-quality components. They allow much greater forces to be transferred and enable very uniform and precision movements of the machine.

Mega Machinery, the Professional PET Injection moulding machine supplier in China.

Note: PET Injection moulding machine is also known as PET Injection molding machines, plastic molding machines machines and plastic Injection moulding machine.
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