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MG-HR Heat resistance stretch blow molding machine For Hot fill PET bottles

Brief Introduction
MG-HR Heat resistance stretch blow moulding machine is specially designed to produce PET bottle with high heat resistance for hot filling package such as juice and tea. It adopts multiple blowing to reduce the residual stress, as result; The PET bottle has no any shrinkage during hot filling. The PET bottles produced by MG-HR Stretch blow moulding machine can stand temperature over 100℃ depending on the type of PET material with different crystallization rate. With high strength, good transparency and low production costs, MG-HR plays a big role in hot fillable PET bottle packaging market.
Bottle Samples
Follows are some containers produced by MG-HR.
General InformationMG-HR1500MG-HR2500MG-HR3500
Clamping Fource30T40T50T
Clamping Stroke150mm150mm150mm
Max. Stretching Stroke370mm370mm370mm
Bottom Moving Stroke70mm70mm70mm
Number of Cavities2Cavity4 Cavity6Cavity
Theoretical Output1000BPH2000BPH3500BPH
Max. Mould Thickness300mm300mm300mm
Space Between Tie Bars400*380mm640*380mm880*700mm

Electrical System
Voltage Standard380v/3PH/50HZor special order
Number of Heating Zone2Sections4 Sections6 Sections
Total Power(Full Loaded)28KW60KW70KW

Max. CONTAINER Volume2.5L2.5L2.5L
Neck Diameter Range32mm32mm32mm
Max. Container Diameter35-100mm35-100mm35-100mm
Max. Container Height400mm400mm400mm

Auxiliary System
Low Air compressor8-10Bar8-10Bar8-10Bar
High Air compressor30Bar30Bar30Bar
Air Dryer3.0/303.0/303.0/30

Dimension & Weight (L*W*H)
Blow molding machine280*180*220mm320*250*230mm550*210*230mm
Preform Autoloader150*120*250mm150*120*250mm230*200*230mm
Net Weight4.5Ton8Ton10Ton
Mega Machinery, PET Heat resistance stretch blow moulding machine supplier in China.

Note: PET Blow molding machine for hot filling PET bottles is also known as PET Heat resistance stretch blow moulding machine, Stretch blow molding machines for heat set bottles.
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